Rewraps has joined PS21’s website.  Please find us at ps21chatham.org.

Color Dot Reduction

All items tagged with yellow dots are 25% off.  Most of those are spring clothes!Dot+sales+4.8.15We have a diverse selection, as usual.  The Fisher and linen are already starting to fly off the racks.  Come on down!

The 50%-Off-Everything Sale has been extended through March 18.  Last call on some winter and all-season clothes and accessories.  Spring is coming!Rewraps knit tops

EntireStore50%OffFor the next two weeks, all clothing and accessories in the store will be half price.

In addition to tagged prices being reduced by 50%, jeans will cost $5, many pairs of  shoes will be $4.50, tee shirts will be down to $3 and some bracelets will cost a mere $1.50.  Happy shopping!

Winter Sale

Look at those color dots: all but the green are 1/2 off!

Dot sales 1.21.15

Beginning on Wednesday, January 21, all color dot clothing except the newest arrivals will be reduced to half price, including many coats, jackets, vests, suits, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, robes and nightgowns.  Come get warm at Rewraps!

Closed Until January 21

Rewraps will be closed through January 20,  reopening on Wednesday, January 21 at 10.  Rewraps2014sun scarf


Got Stocking Stuffers?

Rewraps will be open on Wednesday, December 24 from 10-3. In addition to clothing, we sell accessories including jewelry, watches, scarves, ties, braces and belts. We also sell gift certificates. Last minute stocking stuffers, anyone? Rewraps plaid skirt 2014


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